Happy New Year from the Global Headquarters of MediaSalesTrainer.com. Can you believe we’ve all just been on another trip around the Sun together?

Me ‘neither. But then I’m still a bit nauseated from all of those 2019 marketing predictions that always flood my LinkedIn feed.

Fortunately, 2018 produced a series of solid marketing books that are bringing us back to the fact that, while marketing and media channels evolve, and shiny new marketing tactics proliferate, marketing principles remain steady if not steadfast.

Especially helpful is a new “mega-post” from Shane O Leary, who’s taken the time to glean the 30 most important quotes from three of the best marketing books released last year:

Eat Your Greens

How (Not) To Plan, and

Effectiveness in Context

So many great nuggets in the post, including my personal fave:

“Marketing that appears effective in the short term can lose you money in the long term.”

Check out (heck, print out) Shane’s mega post here.


Furthering the point about steadfast media and marketing fundamentals is the growing body of evidence from companies that are shining a data light on just how much impact offline media makes on online activity.

Hopefully, by now, the “last click attribution” credit hogged by The Google has been all but obliterated.

If not, it’s certainly now on life support thanks to platforms like Analytic OwlLeads RXProof Analytics, and elytics, which are bringing to the market a new level of understanding of correlations and causations between offline and online media (disclaimer: some of these platforms’ methodologies are better than others IMO…hit me up at jim@mediasalestrainer.com if you want my insider take).

And just this week the folks at C3 Metrics, who’ve been at the attribution game for 10 years, just earned the plum role of providing Attribution Certifications for the “4A’s.”   That’s a big step closer to creating an “attribution currency” that the entire marketing industry can rally around.

So bottom line is, if you’re selling media and you’re not plugging in to at least one of these platforms, you’re missing out on insights that are vital to your clients’ success (and perhaps even the future of your media company).


Last time we were together I led out with the rampant fraud across programmatic advertising land, no doubt a touchy subject as I bet most of you reading this are selling that.

Nevertheless, you must remain informed that the sh*t continues to hit the fraud fan, as laid bare in this blistering piece in the Intelligencer.

So as I’ve previously implored, make sure that your company’s programmatic vendor has adopted the ads.txt tagging system initiated by the IAB.  Same goes if you’re a publisher. Trust me, you’ll sleep botter, er, better at night.


You’re in Media Sales, right? So what’s your marketing point of view?  Do you have one?  If you don’t, consider the words of legendary ad man Bill Bernbach:

“If you stand for something, you will always find some people for you and some against you. If you stand for nothing, you will find nobody against you, and nobody for you.”

That’s what I do. I train on marketing principles, frameworks and processes so you can stand for something (so that people will stand FOR you). That doesn’t mean you and I should agree on everything…but we should agree that in today’s cluttered marketing landscape, we all need a strong P-O-V.

Interested in getting together?  Shoot this link to all the people in your organization who make training decisions.

Until next time, here’s to crushing media budgets with marketing know-how

– Jim