I’ll keep this one short because, as the saying goes, brevity is clarity.

And Marketing Theory doesn’t get any clearer than this graphic from the beautiful minds of researchers Les BinetPeter Field and Sarah Carter, authors of The Long and The Short Of It.

After diligently studying a wide cross section of marketing activities across a variety of product and service categories they conclude, that, ta-da, brands and businesses should allocate about 60 percent of their marketing to brand building and 40 percent to sales activation.

And they argue that in today’s big data, measurement obsessed, precision targeted environment, too much short-term thinking (judging really) has crept into board rooms and management offices.

In fact, the researchers have even amended their book with additional insights that push the branding and activation ratio closer to 75/25 in many cases.

And marketers are starting to figure this out as reported just the other day in DigiDay:

“Many, like Procter & Gamble, have realized by not supporting the upper funnel and focusing primarily on lower funnel metrics they were decreasing overall sales and market share.” 

So to win the long game…just keep your mind open and your eyes focused on the “two ways marketing works:”

Or…to put it a more folksy way for your research-averse friends…

You gotta keep watering the tree if you wanna keep picking the fruit

Hope you keep this graphic in your office, in your brain and in front of your clients early and often.